We need you, because we won't do it alone! 

You can position yourself as a partner of an internationally & nationally respected NGO. SOS Children’s Villages is an internationally respected NGO in 136 countries.

We are ready to help your teams realize their good intentions, ideas and projects together with our organization for the benefit of children and young people supported by SOS Children's Villages.

Why should you partner with us?

You can rely on our history and trust in our success. SOS Children’s Villages Palestine has worked in Palestine for almost 55 years! We are an integral part of the Palestinian community and have a proven record of trust, accountability, and success in its programmes.

CORPORATES can demonstrate their corporate social responsibility towards their customers and business partners and strengthen their brand through association with a positive, child-friendly cause. Your company will be visible on our media platforms and official website, and will be recognized as one of our generous partners on our wall of recognition. 


Corporates can help in:

  • Sponsoring a house full of children for a whole year
  • Sponsoring number of families in the Family Empowerment Porogram
  • Contributing to the Youth Can project, to Improve youth employment and skills building.
  • Organizing an event and donate the proceeds from it to SOS Children's Villages Palestine.
  • Encouraging their employees to become donors, and their company can double or triple their donations. 
  • Creating and coordinating a tailor-made project or campaign that will tangibly help children at risk, while also supporting their business’s brand, interests and people.
  • Engage employees in the most needed voluntary activities.
  • Corporates’ top professionals can be guest speakers at SOS events.

Are you thinking about helping SOS Children's Villages Palestine? 

Contact Mohammad Hamdan, Director of Fund Development and Communications at . He will tell you what kind of donations we need most, or you will agree on the form of help that best suits your company's policy. 


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