In health

To ensure that families can stay together and thrive for generations, it is paramount to strengthen them through crises and champion the physical and mental health of children, young people and parents. 

Children who have lost the care of their families, temporarily or permanently, are disproportionately affected by adverse childhood experiences and therefore more likely to suffer from mental disorders that often continue to affect them in adulthood. Also, families under pressure are more likely to lack access to physical health services. Whenever it is necessary medical assistance and therapy is provided to them according to each family’s needs in our family strengthening approach.

In our alternative care services, we strive for every child and young person to have the supportive relationships and the feeling of security they need to overcome difficulties and build resilience. We aim to equip care professionals with the tools and knowledge required to understand trauma and address the needs of children and young people. 

We provide medical care to families in hard conditions and psychological care to traumatized children 

SOS Children’s Villages’ work mostly focuses on the prevention of mental health conditions with a specific focus on children and families at risk. In case that the needs of children and young people exceed the capacities of our services (due to severe mental health conditions), we cooperate with and refer to specialized services