Fundraise for children

Have your own great fundraising idea to help children in need? Tell us about it and your fundraiser may be featured on our website to help others get inspired!

Still not sure what type of fundraiser you want to host but you have the passion and the network? Check out our list for some more fun ideas on how you can help raise money for children!

  1. Start your own crowdfunding campaign and raise money for children 
  2. Ask friends and family to skip your birthday gifts this year and instead donate to children in need
  3. Start your life together with a gift to children. Encourage wedding guests to donate to SOS 
  4. Find a local 5k, 10k, marathon and get friends to donate money for every mile you complete
  5. Play for a cause! Host a paid dinner with friends and donate all attendees’ fees
  6. School administrators: Organize a money drive as a fun competition between different classes or grades in your school to see which class can raise the most!
  7. Honor a teacher, mom, or friend with a donation made in their name
  8. You can offer to host a booth at your shop to promote a family’s income generating project

You still need to contact us via to get all support documents needed from you and authorize the fundraising process on behalf of SOS Children’s Villages Palestine.