The core focus of SOS Children's Villages lies in assisting children who lack parental care. We aim to tailor solutions to the unique needs of each child, recognizing that there is no universal approach. Our primary goal is to nurture children within loving homes, enabling them to tap into their innate potential and positively influence their personal lives and communities. This drives us to proactively prevent family separations and expand opportunities for children unable to reside with their parents temporarily or for extended periods.

Our work centers around the strength of human connection and focuses on showing children and young people that they belong no matter who they are. A positive and supportive childhood empowers children to develop the life skills, resilience and support networks they need to set personal goals and move confidently into self-reliant adulthood.

Children show increased confidence and self-esteem when they move in with their family of origin and build positive relationships with their parents or caregivers. Therefore, we are keen in the Children’s Villages to choose the model of care that suits each child separately while maintaining a loving and safe family atmosphere that embraces the child and builds their self-confidence. We also cooperate with government agencies and local civil society organizations in the surroundings of children’s families to provide suitable health, social and psychosocial services for them.

Returning the child to the family of origin makes the transition permanent to obtain protection and care and find a sense of belonging and purpose in all areas of life.

SOS Children’s Villages strongly condemns all forms of violence and harm against children and young people. We are committed to creating and maintaining a caring and protective environment for every child and young person we reach through our programmes.


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