Brief and Roots

Brief And Roots

SOS Children’s Villages Palestine is a non-governmental, humanitarian and non-profitable organisation created in 1966. Our work starts with the prevention of family breakdown. We try to keep families together through our family strengthening programme that offers a range of services to enable families to become financially independent and not find themselves obliged to abandon their children. If this is impossible, we provide alternative care in an SOS Children´s Village. In that sense, we help children and young people who lost parental care through alternative family care to grow up with the bonds they need to become their strongest selves until independence. We partner with governments, corporations, individuals and institutions to have the most significant possible impact on the lives of children, youth and families. We expanded our work on the ground to protect children and families in emergencies. Children and young people are most vulnerable in humanitarian crises. Those who lack adequate parental care face even greater risks of violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect. Hermann Gmeiner, a child welfare worker, founded SOS Children's Villages in Tyrol, Austria 1949. Witnessing the suffering of orphaned children after World War II, Gmeiner was dedicated to creating nurturing families and supportive communities. Thanks to the generous support of donors, sponsors, partners, and friends, Gmeiner's vision of providing loving, family-based care for parentless children and assisting families to stay together has flourished over six decades. Today, SOS Children's Villages International operates in over 136 countries and territories worldwide. In 1966, SOS Children's Villages was established in Palestine, and the Bethlehem village was constructed in 1968. The SOS Children's Village in Bethlehem currently accommodates 87 children in 14 houses, making it the first SOS village in the Middle East. Additionally, the SOS Children's Village in Rafah was founded in 2000 and currently provides homes for 89 children across 12 houses.

Brief And Roots

Our Mission

We build families for children in need, help them shape their own futures and share in the development of their communities
Brief And Roots

Our Vision

Every Child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security
Brief And Roots

Our Value

Courage: We take action

Commitment: we keep our promises

Trust: We believe in each other

Accountability: We are reliable partners