Personal Stories
"Stitching Hope: Nabila's Journey of Empowerment with SOS Children’s Villages in Palestine"

Nabila has 6 children and her husband is almost deaf. Through the FSP program of SOS Palestine, she has been able to generate a small income by sewing clothes and processing fabrics so that she can better support her 3 daughters and 3 sons. 

Nabila has set up a small room next to her living room where she keeps her sewing machine so she can work from home. She first came in contact with SOS 3 years ago. It was the first time, Nabila says, that there was someone to assist her and support her in life. Before she was supported by the staff of SOS, Nabila had only wishes, but no possibilities to help herself. Because the apartment was so small and all the children were in one room, it was not possible to do any work between the children. The social workers asked Nabila what she would need and Nabila told them that she would actually need a separate room to be able to work well.  

Today, Nabila is very grateful because she can call anytime if something is wrong. Some time ago she was not well psychologically either and SOS helped her to become more stable inside to be able to work.  

She had many obstacles to overcome, but thanks to SOS she didn't feel left alone. Just knowing that someone is there for her, who does not judge her, who is like a sister when she was not well, helped Nabila a lot to get back on her feet. 

Without the social workers, it would have been difficult for her to think positively. She remembers the first time she met with them, she could hardly leave the house because of her mental health. A volunteer from a local association came to her one day and asked Nabila if she would be interested in joining the SOS Family Strengthening Program because she was so unwell. With the help of the volunteer, she registered in the program and the first assessment was scheduled. SOS then decided to accept Nabila into the program.  

Nabila's eldest son lost his job earlier and Nabila has put him straight into sewing. Currently, it might help to get another sewing machine so that more income can be generated to become independent. In the long term, she can imagine that the sewing shop could become a family business.