Personal Stories
Student turning to a Successful Pioneer

Wisam was born to a family of 7 members who joined the Family Strengthening Programme in 2018. He is now 21 years old and has graduated from Al-Quds Open University Branch of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Accounting. He chose to follow his dream since he was a schoolboy, he invested all his time in education.

Because of the many difficulties faced by young people in the Gaza Strip, Wisam had a share of some challenges. He has many brothers and sisters to support, and his family needs constant support. Challenges also continued to arise in his face. He lacked many skills and experience. Because of his father's illness, he could not complete his studies well, but he did not give up and decided to continue studying while working in many entrepreneurial businesses, including volunteering for activities and participating in small projects in order to help his family and complete his studies.

Youth Supervisor Mohammed Al-Nawajha says: "When Wisam enrolled in the Family Strengthening Program, he was a shy young man looking only for work that meets his family's needs. But over time he joined Youthcan! and The Youth Empowerment and Employment Project has become ambitious for a university degree and has shown great commitment and motivation for success.”.


After joining the program, Wisam enrolled in ICDL International Computer Driving License and Entrepreneurship through the Youth Empowerment and Employment Project, and was selected as part of a group of young people to initiate a pilot project. Their idea was a small advertising and publications project in which logos, drawings and photos were printed on clothes and cups. The group includes other youth: Ala, Ahmed and Mohammed.

Currently, the project is at the beginning where they have purchased machines for printing, embroidery, computer and clothing for printing such as T-shirts and special cups. As they have printed many orders of clothes and cups for children and young people in their area. Wisam now works in the field of publications, supports his family and siblings in their education so that they reach a stage where they can build themselves successfully.