Personal Stories
One day in Hadi's life

Hadi, an 11-year-old boy, is blessed with multiple hobbies and talents. He engages in

writing, drawing, painting, swimming, and exploring various computer programs.

"Hadi enjoys using the Paint program on the computer. He writes beautiful thank-you

notes and calls me, saying, 'This is for you,'" shares Feda', Hadi's SOS mother.

During weekends, Hadi dedicates his time to swimming alongside other children from

the SOS Children's Village of Bethlehem. The swimming lessons take place at 4:00 p.m.

in a club located outside the village. These sessions aim to enhance the children's

physical and mental abilities while facilitating their integration into society.

Hadi embarked on his swimming journey when he was seven years old, joining his

siblings in the village. Mama Feda' noticed his excitement for swimming lessons, as he

would eagerly prepare his swimming gear early in the day.

On school days, once back home, it's family time for Hadi, his siblings, and their mother.

After lunch, they gather for a drawing activity. SOS mother Feda' sets up papers and

colored pencils on the table, inviting anyone interested to join. Hadi is quick to take a

seat, often being the first one ready to draw.

"Hadi is a brilliant child. He excels in school and possesses various artistic and athletic

talents. He loves writing and drawing for me, especially when he wants to express

something on his mind or apologize for something," shares SOS mother Feda'.

In addition to his diverse talents and hobbies, Hadi stands out as one of the most

exceptional students in his school. He aspires to become a policeman as he grows older

while nurturing his passion for drawing